In typical Japanese gardens, which try to represent an idealized landscape in reduced scale, the beauty of natural stones, or rocks, is an essential piece to the puzzle. A good stone, if properly used, can symbolize an island, a mountain, or even a continent in the microcosmic universe of your garden.

photo (top) : Rare Red Rock, 1m30cm (H)

Let us introduce some of our collections. Click image to view a larger version.

Aka-dama-ishi 75cm

赤玉石 or 'Aka-dama-ishi', rare red stone. 75cm (H).

Beni-kamo-ishi, Kyoto

紅加茂石 or 'Beni-kamo-ishi' of Kyoto. 80cm (H).

Aka-dama-ishi 130cm

赤玉石 or 'Aka-dama-ishi', rare red stone. 130cm (H).


Interested? We would strongly suggest you to pay a visit to our store in Tokyo where you may touch and taste the beauty of our stones in more natural surroundings. They show different faces depending on season, weather, and time. Company and access information can be found here.


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